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Have a look at this fascinating building, now a museum and popular site for events. Pictures of the English Liturgy , by Martin Travers High Mass illustrations are available now online in high-resolution scans provided by an AO reader. Project Gutenberg announces the online publication of this important work by English biblical and patristic scholar Joseph Barber Lightfoot Hall, Bishop of Vermont There was some controversy, not about the man, but about the terms of his election; Meade would go on to serve for thirteen years as Assistant Bishop and another twenty as Bishop of Virginia.

This long paper examines one of many intra-Anglican disputes in the nineteenth-century mission field. This is far and away one of the best online parish histories available. Lewis was born in Ireland and served as a primary supporter of the idea of convening the first Lambeth Conference. Nigeria Mission by F. Montgomery presents a detailed account of church life in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and smaller island groups throughout the western Pacific.

Michael, Barbados by Edward Eliot, B. One of the earliest sermons preached by an Anglican missionary in today's Canada, this document encourages United Empire Loyalist churchpeople to support and give thanks for their ecclesiastical life.

Mere Christian Site centers on a biography of this prominent and controversial 17th Century cleric, and is complete with valuable links to additional resources and to all his books still in print. Lights and Shadows of a Long Episcopate: After the First Vatican Council, this church formed one of the nuclei of the nascent Old Catholic movement.

This rare children's novel by the prolific C. This book, complete with a striking frontispiece portrait and interesting cover art, tells the life-story of Deaconess Florence Buchanan , pioneer Anglican missionary in Singapore, the Torres Straits and Papua New Guinea. Knight-Bruce — was the first Bishop of Mashonaland in what is now Zimbabwe. Here is a corner of the Anglican life that doesn't receive too much attention.

This site includes transcripts of oral history interviews detailing his impressions of missionary life in Korea and parish life in the United States. In this long sermon written before his consecration Huntington asks whether the 'extension of the Gospel and Church of Christ in our own territory is an obligation resting upon us'. The Papers of Philander Chase An ambitious website devoted to the papers and letters of the early American bishop Philander Chase Twenty-six sweet illustrations accompany this collection of poems and prayers for children about Anglican Christian life.

This thesis from the author's graduate study at the University of Leeds explores the eucharistic doctrine of John Cosin , and his role in the revisions that led to the Book of Common Prayer. Talbot was missionary Bishop of Wyoming and Idaho from to His ministry was spent largely in English slums where he worked tirelessly for the improvement of living and working conditions.

Commander Sinker wins AO's award for the best name of any missionary seaman in Anglican history. Also newly online are two sermons preached by T N Staley at his farewell service in Westminster Abbey, and at the temporary cathedral in Honolulu. In this convention sermon he reflects on the relationship between the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in the United States, liturgical revision, doctrinal unity and other matters.

The Church on the Prairie by H. This extensive page provides documentation on disputes about missionary episcopal jurisdiction in China during the nineteenth century. Williams was a Tractarian poet and theologian; in this large poem cycle of sonnets, he reflects on 34 events from Christ's prayer in Gethsemane to Pentecost. An Apostle of the North: Hamilton was one of the first diocesan bishops to have been influenced by the Tractarian movement, and a close associate of Liddon, Keble, Pusey and other Oxford Movement leaders.

In this book, A. The reproduction is outstanding. Project Canterbury has a directory of material on the history of Anglicanism in Europe. Stern received a D. Kings, Queens, Archbishops, and Bishops of the United Kingdom A large, complex, and comprehensive table showing all kings and queens, all archbishops, and bishops of some important dioceses since the beginning of Christianity in the British Isles. This Marxist Anglo-Catholic book on the liturgical and theological implications of the Incarnation has been long out of print, but is now available online with permission of the author's estate.

In addition to operating a dispensary at Isfahan, she taught classes on Christian scripture and ministered to the needs of Christian, Jewish and Muslim women. He became Metropolitan of Rupert's Land in after the division of his large diocese, and was chosen as first primate of the Church of England in Canada in This substantial overview of Anglican Evangelicalism is online thanks to the Gambier Evangelicals section of Episcopalian.

Figgis became a member of the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield in Vidal's premature death at 35 stalled the beginnings of this mission in what are now Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Ghana. Bishop Elliott Society 'A ministry of laity and clergy for upholding and teaching the historic faith and mission of the Episcopal Church in south Texas as we seek the New Life in our resurrected Lord.

Historical Society of the Episcopal Church USA 'Founded in in Philadelphia, the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church furthers understanding of church history through research, conferences, archival preservation programs, and publication.

Abbeokuta, or Sunrise within the Tropics: This autobiographical account covers his own work as a missionary deacon in the Solomon Islands. Evidence pointed to Wilford Fisher, known as the 'Emperor of Grand Manan,' but no conviction was made. Paul's, August, , by H. A Sermon on the Occasion of the Consecration of S. A Memoir by E. This collection of journal entries, correspondence and photographs gives a detailed picture of the beginnings of Anglican life in Wyoming, beginning in Rest of the World.

This examination of the theology of the eucharist was an important influence on early Wesleyan eucharistic theology, and it was originally slated for inclusion in the Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology. In he was appointed chaplain to the Hudson's Bay Company and began pastoral work, education and missionary efforts in the Red River Colony subsequently Manitoba in